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    Affordable Artwork is part of Harrison-Hiett; a British family business based in The Netherlands. See www.harrison-hiett.com
    Until now, we are best known for selling books, maps, prints, and ephemera at book fairs across Europe.
    We are delighted that whilst doing this we have also acquired some very interesting art.
    As proud members of various professional associations, we promise to deal honestly and fairly with you at all times, and you can trust us to give you the best advice and, if appropriate, the fairest price.
    Why buy from us?
    We have some beautiful and interesting items for sale; in addition, you can rest assured that you will always know what you are getting. All of our items are fully and honestly described and photographed. Any faults are listed and (unless clearly detailed) all items are complete.

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    1 to 50 of 165 items