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    Welcome to Antique Advertising, my name is Ben. I pride myself on collecting, buying, and selling top-end advertising items. I've had a strong passion for advertising and everything old shop-related since I was 14. I started out by buying tins at low-end prices of a few pounds. As I delved deeper into the world of street jewellery, I realized the diverse ways companies advertised and the quality items they commissioned to do so. The more time I spent studying the hobby and meeting people with the same interests, the more I began to appreciate enamel signs and the artwork on tin prints. I believe that the enamel sign side of the advertising world really should be considered working man's art, given the intricate workmanship that goes into crafting such detailed images with complex colors, all to be fired in a kiln made from glass, is incredible.

    So, I decided to set up Antique Advertising as a means of preserving some of the high street's history and ensure it finds its way to people who will truly appreciate the item and give it the rightful place on a wall or in a cabinet.
    Browse an impressive collection of original Showcards, Enamel Signs, Advertising Cabinets, Mirrors, Tins, Shop Bells, Vending Machines, Advertising Figures, Packaging, and Tin Signs.

    Everything listed adheres to a strict policy of originality, with no fake or reproductions sold. If you're interested, I'm more than happy to provide a detailed condition report and send videos of any item.

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    1 to 50 of 83 items