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    A Collection of Burmese Lacquer Betel Boxes, ‘Kun It’

    A Collection of Burmese Lacquer Betel Boxes, ‘Kun It’

    $520 (approx conversion from £375)

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    A Collection Of Three Burmese Betel "Kun It" Boxes
    Mandalay or Pagan (Burma/Myanmar)
    Lacquered woven bamboo
    Lare 19th-20th Century
    Measures 19 cm high x 21.3 cm diameter (largest)

    The largest box is also the oldest and dates to the late 19th to early 20th Century. The other two boxes are slightly later (early to mid 20th Century). These boxes and their various graduated trays and compartments within were used for the serving and storage of betel nuts and leaves - the chewing of which is an Asian custom.

    Good condition. Slight wear to the green paint on the sides.


    W: 21.3cm  (8.4")H: 19cm  (7.5")
    Early 20th Century


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