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    Baby Barton's Money Box

    Baby Barton's Money Box

    $240 (approx conversion from £175)

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    A charming British folk art money box dating to 1923. What makes this piece so delightful is the inscription impressed below the money slot which reads "Baby Barton 1923". It is made of saltglazed stoneware and is in a traditional beehive shape with finial to the top. It is decorated with applied sprig decoration. It is unusual to find examples of this type of money box in such good condition - they were often smashed to get the contents out, or knives were pushed down the money slot to try to fish the coins out, often resulting in chipping. This example is in excellent condition - Baby Barton obviously looked after it very well.

    W: 11cm  (4.3")H: 18cm  (7.1")D: 11cm  (4.3")
    Early 20th Century


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