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    Rare, Heraldic butter print

    Rare, Heraldic butter print

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    A superb quality, boxwood butter print carved with a heraldic crest. This print is exceptionally well carved with a lion, “sejant erect”, holding what looks like a letter V being split by a sword. This would be a family crest but I have not been able to identify the family. Boxwood is a very hard wood which lends itself well to fine carving and this is one of the best carved examples that I have seen. The wood has a fabulous, rich colour and patina. It dates from c.1820.

    Condition: There are two hairline cracks to the rim which can bee seen in the images and there is cracking to the end of the handle but this has spread from knots in the wood.

    Dimensions: Diameter of print 9cm. Length of print and handle 8.2cm.

    Price includes postage within the U.K. Shipping to the U.S.A. add £10. Most of Western Europe add £5

    19th Century


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