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    A Chinese export Imari jug & cover, Yongzheng or Qianlong

    A Chinese export Imari jug & cover, Yongzheng or Qianlong

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    A Chinese Imari jug and cover of a good size decorated in underglaze blue and overglaze red enamel and gilding, and dating from the Yongzheng or early Qianlong period. The jug and cover are both atractively decorated with flowers sprays and foliage.  The fluted spout is decorated with iron read and gilding over underglaze blue.  Height including the cover is 22 cm (8.7").

    The coffee cup is included in our photo for scale only, and is not included with the jug.

    Date: second quarter of the 18th century (1725-50).

    Condition: there is a shallow chip beneath the rim of the cover. The jug itself is undamaged with no chips, cracks or restoration.  There is an area of glaze wear on the side of the jug near the handle.  The jug appears to have been exposed to greater heat in the kiln than the cover, as the underglaze blue, and the glaze itself, are of a slightly deeper tone than that of the cover over most of the body.

    18th Century


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