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    A Minton Parian figure of Psyche c1865

    A Minton Parian figure of Psyche c1865

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    A Minton Parian figure of Psyche, the figure modelled standing pouring oil into a lamp.  Minton made this as a companion piece to their figure of Pandora.  This figure has the Minton date code for 1865.  The figure is 43cm high.

    In Roman mythology Psyche was a princess of outstanding beauty.  Cupid placed Psyche in a remote palace where he could visit her secretly in the dark and forbade her to look at him. One night Psyche lit a lamp in order to discover who has been visiting her and found that the figure at her side was the god of love himself. Startled she spilled hot oil on Cupid, who fled.  This figure captures the moment when Psyche fills her oil lamp in preparation.

    Condition: Good condition.

    19th Century


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