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    A Parian figure of Euterpe sculpted by Beattie

    A Parian figure of Euterpe sculpted by Beattie

    $390 (approx conversion from £295)

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    A Parian figure of Euterpe, sculpted by William Beattie. In the mythology of Ancient Greece, Euterpe was a Muse of music or lyric poetry. She is depicted in this statue holding a double flute or aulos which she was said by some writers to have invented. Height 39 cm (15.5”)

    Beattie (1802 – 1867) created figures for several manufacturers of Parian in the Potteries; this one, which dates from the 1850s or 60s, has no manufacturer’s mark.

    Condition  There is a small chip to the underside of the base; otherwise perfect.

    Victorian (1837 to 1901)


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