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    Unusual English Porcelain Porter Mug Hare Coursing Scene c.1830

    Unusual English Porcelain Porter Mug Hare Coursing Scene c.1830

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    A large English cider / porter mug of unusual shape with tapered walls and and curved cut in just above a seemingly wide foot, matching the dimensions of the rim. The handle has an acanthus moulded thumb rest and similar spur further down. It is very well hand-painted with an interesting country pursuits scene of 2 dogs chasing a hare through the countryside with detailed landscape behind. Unmarked and sadly unattributed, it shares some characteristics with Coalport mugs but the tapered shape and simpler handle suggests probably not. Likely c.1825-1835.

    It measures 10.5cm (4 1/8") high, 11.5cm (4 1/2") rim to rim and 16cm (6 1/4") rim to handle. 

    Condition is fair; it has had a repair to the foot which can bee seen below but has been touched in above so to be essentially invisible. There is a fine hairline running across the bottom of the handle and there is some surface wear some small small scratches to the enamel and minor wear to the gilding. 

    W: 11.5cm  (4.5")H: 10.5cm  (4.1")D: 16cm  (6.3")
    19th Century, Georgian (1714 to 1837), Regency


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