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    Wonderfully patinated antique French marbled slipware

    Wonderfully patinated antique French marbled slipware "jaspe" jug

    $240 (approx conversion from £175)

    Item details

    A French antique "jaspe" jug
    glazed earthenware pottery
    Savoie, French Alps
    First half of 19th Century

    Measures (approx.)
    18 cm high x 15 cm diameter x 21 cm (spout to handle)

    An antique rustic provincial French slipware jug. This type of marbled glaze is known in French as "jaspe" (jasper) or "jaspé de Savoie" and is similar to "agateware". The interior with a pale creamy yellow ochre glaze. Unglazed base.

    A jug with an extraordinary presence. Wonderfully worn with a patina of frits, chips, crazing and cracks - consistent with decades and decades of constant usage. These wares have been made over an extended period of time without changing style - but the age and usage of this jug suggests it dates to the first half of the 19th Century.

    W: 21cm  (8.3")H: 18cm  (7.1")Di: 15cm  (5.9")
    19th Century


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