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    15K Gold Breguet pocket watch key c1810

    15K Gold Breguet pocket watch key c1810

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    This is a 15K gold and Steel pocket watch key. This pocket watch key was made circa 1810. The key was designed by Breguet and has an internal ratchet and sprung handle so that it can only be wound one way thus preventing any damage to watches, which need to be wound in a certain direction only. This key has a good spring but a downward pressure needs to be applied to make the key wind (or else the handle will just turn). The key has a simple design and a large oval handle and a suspension loop. The key measures 33mm in length x 12mm and has a gold on steel winding pipe which is a size 0-1 approx. The key has a ring so that it can be attached to a watch chain, bracelet and necklace. The key is in 80% mint condition – some bruises and dents on the handle, light wear on the rest of the key



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