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    Exceptional Merovingian/Saxon period gold and  garnet cloisonné bezel

    Exceptional Merovingian/Saxon period gold and garnet cloisonné bezel

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    This is an exceptional Merovingian or Anglo-Saxon period gold garnet cloisonné bezel, dating to the 6th - 7th century AD. It is decorated with a beaded wire-rim with the edges rubbed over to form a seamless join. The main cruciform design is intact with five hand-cut cloisonné garnets held together with gold strips. It almost certainly formed the bezel of a finger-ring. Examples include much of the cloisonné work from Sutton Hoo Mound 1, notably the purse lid, which included several unusually shaped cloisonné plaques. See also NLM-1A8B56 from East Riding of Yorkshire for further discussion of this type of jewellery.

    OBJECT: Finger Ring Bezel?

    CULTURE: Anglo-Saxon / Merovingian

    DATE: c. 6th - 7th century A.D.

    MATERIAL: Gold & Garnets 

    SIZE: 14.90mm x 14.86mm x 3.81mm 

    WEIGHT: 5.32 grams

    PROVENANCE: From a European private collection, Germany. (this is not a British Treasure find!)

    Pre 1600, Anglo-Saxon


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