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    Stuart Crystal heart shaped gold and diamond ring

    Stuart Crystal heart shaped gold and diamond ring

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    This is a charming Baroque period gold and diamond finger ring, dating to the late 17th century. The bezel is shaped like a crowned heart, enclosing woven hair or material. The cover is a faceted crystal known from this period as 'Stuart Crystals' after being used as keepsakes for relics of King Charles Ist. This ring is flanked on the shoulders in silver set with a rose cut diamond. Being an excavated ring (buried in the ground) the silver has deteriorated and one of the diamonds remains. This has also affected the relic inside the bezel and corroded the silver settings. The gold is intact and tests as 18k. A rare ring from the age of the Stuarts and King Charles II. 

    OBJECT: Finger Ring

    CULTURE: Baroque - Stuart

    DATE: c. 17th century A.D.

    MATERIAL: Gold, rock crystal and diamond

    RING SIZE:  5  (US)    J 1/2  (UK)

    SIZE: 20mm x 18mm (bezel 12mm x 8mm x 5mm)

    WEIGHT: 2.19 grams

    PROVENANCE: From a European private collection.

    17th Century, Stuart period


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