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    Six John Walsh Walsh vine etched whiskey tumblers

    Six John Walsh Walsh vine etched whiskey tumblers

    $330 For set (approx conversion from £240)

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    A set of six beautiful John Walsh Walsh fruiting vine whiskey tumblers with waisted facet cut bases, Circa 1930-50s.  These heavy crystal glasses are perfect for G&T, whiskey or similar.

    Founded in 1850, the John Walsh Walsh brand was renowned for the fine quality of their crystal glass. The founder told the story of his unusual name, saying that at his Christening the sponsors were so nervous, when asked the name of the infant they blurted out ‘John Walsh’, thereby ensuring that his name was thus John Walsh Walsh… a fun story sadly not confirmed by the church records! Wish it was true, though.

    H: 9.5cm  (3.7")Di: 8cm  (3.1")
    Early 20th Century, Mid 20th Century


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