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    Astra Antiques Fairs 2024

    Astra Antiques Centre, Gibson Road, Old RAF Hemswell, Lincolnshire, DN21 5TL

    Welcome to Astra Antiques Centre's 2024 Antiques Fairs. Our Antiques Fairs are held on the Wednesdays between both the Arthur Swallows Home & Antiques Fairs (asfairs) at Lincolnshire Showground and the Newark Antiques & Collectors Fair (iacf). This means that our Regular stall holders who attend both of these major Fairs, will be bringing their Fresh Stock First to Astra Antiques' Antiques Fairs. The Antiques Fair is held right outside Astra Antiques Centre at Old RAF Hemswell, Lincolnshire, DN21 5TL. - To visit the Fair: Starts at 8:00am Free Entry - Free Parking Astra Antiques Centre & The Decodence Cafe open from 8:00am. For more information please visit: www.Astra-Antiques.com/Antiques-Fairs Or get in touch on the following: 01427 668312 fairs@astra-antiques.com - To Stand the Antiques Fairs: £10 to Stand Set up between 7:00am - 8:00am Bring your own Stall Must Book & Pay In Advance. We also have Market Stalls available: £20 to stand. These are approx 10x8ft and provide tables and over-head cover. There is limited availability and they usually fill up fast. NO CASUAL PITCHES ALLOWED. To register your interest - Fill out the Form on: www.Astra-Antiques.com/Antiques-Fairs or call us direct on: 01427 668312 - The location of Old RAF Hemswell Lincolnshire is ideal because it’s only 10 minutes from Lincolnshire Showground and 20 minutes from Lincoln Town Centre and just over 30 minutes from Newark. The site is also the largest Antiques Hub in the whole of the Country and one of the biggest in Europe. You will find a whole mixture of items from Antiques, Collectables, Reclamation, Industrial, Outdoors, Clocks, Furniture, Retro, Vintage Clothing and more at our Fairs. You will be able to Buy and Sell Antiques with great Dealers from throughout the UK and Worldwide. Fair Week's are the busiest times of the year for the Antiques Trade as not only the British Dealers come down for the week – but our Buyers travel in from Australia, America, China, Korea and Japan. It’s a Global Trade and on the day between the Lincoln and Newark Fairs – you can only imagine just how busy we get! This makes it the perfect time to have our own Fairs right outside our Centre. Hope to see you all there! Astra Antiques Centre

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    Upcoming Fair Dates

    Wed 10th Apr 2024

    Wed 5th Jun 2024

    Wed 7th Aug 2024

    Wed 9th Oct 2024

    Wed 4th Dec 2024

    Opening Times

    Visiting the Fair 8:00am - 5:00pm (To Stand the Fair - Setup is from 7:00am)

    (Entry times & fees subject to change)