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    Antiques news, industry trends, what’s hot and updates from both Antiques Boutique and our dealers

    Tuesday 23rd February 2021
    Item of the week: Mid-20th century Wrought Iron Garden Plant
    Get ready for the arrival of spring with this lovely pair of wrought iron plant stands from the 1960’s.

    Wednesday 17th February 2021
    Item of the week: Housekeeper’s Cupboard
    Get organised with this beautiful 20th century housekeeper's cupboard

    Thursday 11th February 2021
    Item of the week: Melissa Sturgeon “Boulangerie Viennoise
    Take a trip to Paris with this captivating original oil painting

    Wednesday 3rd February 2021
    Item of the week: English gold posy ring
    Ever wondered what a posy ring is? We've made this one our item of the week... read on to find out more!

    Tuesday 26th January 2021
    Item of the week: Minimalist Aluminium Chairs
    Yes, it is freezing outside! But we still need to get some fresh air everyday, so why not treat yourself to some garden furniture to lounge on?

    Monday 25th January 2021
    January online searches highlight diverse trends in interior
    Using data gleaned from searches on our online antiques marketplace, we have found an interesting trend in the first month of 2021, with the top two searches on the site being equally popular, but dramatically different in style.

    Tuesday 19th January 2021
    Item of the week: Swedish upholstered C19th birch Chaise
    For those lockdown days when you want to move from bed, to chaise, to bed, this is the perfect piece of furniture.

    Tuesday 12th January 2021
    Item of the week: 18th Century Oak Norman Marriage
    Continuing with January’s theme of comfort, this week’s Item of the Week is a lovely late 18th century Louis XVI period oak Norman marriage double bed.

    Wednesday 6th January 2021
    Item of the week: Vintage Dutch Leather Sofa
    make sure that you get comfy in style with this beautiful vintage leather sofa.

    Tuesday 29th December 2020
    Item of the week: Green Wedgwood candleholders
    Add some colour to a dining table or sidebar with this beautiful collection of Wedgwood candlesticks

    Wednesday 23rd December 2020
    Item of the week: Baltic chandelier
    It is the season for extravagance, and if this chandelier doesn’t say ‘extravagant’, I don’t know what does!

    Thursday 17th December 2020
    Queen’s Gambit creates surge in online search for chess
    According to the Metro, eBay saw a massive 273% surge in searches for ‘chess sets’ in the 10 days following the hit Netflix show’s release, something we’ve also noticed here at Antiques Boutique.

    Wednesday 16th December 2020
    Item of the week: 1970s wall hanging
    Make a statement with an eye-catching wall hanging from the 1970s

    Wednesday 9th December 2020
    Item of the week: Miniature Celestial Table Globe
    Take a trip around the world from the comfort of your own home with this early 20th century globe

    Tuesday 8th December 2020
    Ethical Consumerism: What it is and why it's important to us
    Ethical consumerism goes hand in hand with sustainability but directly relates to what our values are here at Antiques Boutique, so we wanted to take some time

    Friday 4th December 2020
    Item of the week: Solid Silver Sauce Ladles
    Add some glamour to your table with a pair of solid silver sauce ladles

    Tuesday 24th November 2020
    Item of the week: The Savoy Cocktail Book
    Into the 1930s? Love a cocktail? Want a piece of history? We have the item for you this week!

    Tuesday 17th November 2020
    Item of the week: 19th century overmantel mirror
    We love this overmantel mirror, so we have made it our item of the week! It's the perfect piece to add a touch of glamour to your home.

    Tuesday 10th November 2020
    Item of the week: French linen sheets
    This week's item of the week is a set of French linen sheets - simplicity and style at its most chic!

    Thursday 5th November 2020
    Item of the week: Victorian Stationery Box
    This week our eye has been caught by this beautiful maple veneered mahogany stationery box from Baggott Church Street Ltd

    Tuesday 3rd November 2020
    Antique desk sales surging amid the pandemic
    How antique and vintage desks have surged in popularity amid the pandemic as people work from home and strive to create an instagramable home office

    Tuesday 27th October 2020
    Item of the week: Early 20th Century Drawers
    This beautiful early 20th century bank of drawers from dealer DS Decorative Periods have caught our eye for this week's item of the week.

    Thursday 8th October 2020
    20,000 items now on Antiques Boutique; come and join us
    We've officially hit 20,000 items on Antiques Boutique!

    Tuesday 6th October 2020
    Item trends September 2020
    From swedish antiques to the arts and crafts movement. We'll talk about what's been popular on Antiques Boutique in September 2020.

    Thursday 17th September 2020
    The history of antique zinc
    Appley Hoare, a very experienced London antique dealer gives us her thoughts on antique zinc and its history

    Tuesday 1st September 2020
    Item trends August 2020
    What's popular, what's not, and what was most searched for on Antiques Boutique in August 2020. We'll look at the top 5 trending antique searches.

    Saturday 8th August 2020
    Arras antique garden furniture
    The special characteristics and history of garden furniture from the northern French town of Arras

    Tuesday 4th August 2020
    Antiques Boutique marketplace launch
    Antiques Web Design by ph9, est 2004, launches the Antiques Boutique marketplace