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    Can you import all my products for me?


    You don't have a website with us (Antiques Web Design by ph9) but have a hundreds or thousands of products loaded somewhere else; eg on a spreadsheet, a CSV file, another website, or another marketplace.

    (note if you have a website with Antiques Web Design by ph9 then all your items automatically get added to Antiques Boutique when your site goes live)


    Bulk importing all your items

    We do have a data import service where we can import all your items from a spreadsheet, CSV file, your own website, or (in some cases) another marketplace.

    In most cases if you commit to a 12 month contract, an import of all your stock is free.

    Please contact us for details and a brochure.


    API integration

    If you don't have a website with us, and instead have a website created by another web developer, then they can use our API to automate adding items to Antiques Boutique whenever they are added to your own website.

    This option is not for everyone however, as any API integration does require a tech savvy web developer, and we do not do the integration for you which is why the bulk data import service (or purchasing a website from us - www.AntiquesWebDesign.com) is most relevant to most dealers. We do however provide free access to the API, and technical documentation.

    Please see our API faq by clicking here.