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    David Scriven Antiques

    Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

    01242 524593

    David Scriven Antiques was established in 1998, specialising in British pottery and porcelain. Since then we have been trading at antique fairs throughout England and Wales and we are well-known for the quality of our stock. As stand space tends to be limited at fairs, we mostly deal in 18th century porcelain (including Bow, Bristol, Worcester, Liverpool and Lowestoft, to name but a few of the places where it was made) and 19th century "blue and white" transfer-printed pottery. However, as we develop the online side of our business, we will be able to expand the range to include other types of ceramic wares, such as creamware, tiles and children's wares, though we will maintain our focus on the 18th and 19th centuries.

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