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    Item trends August 2020

    Item trends August 2020

    Tuesday 1st September 2020 at 12:40

    By Rob

    As Antiques Boutique starts to get busier and now has close to 20,000 items; we're able to report on what's popular, what's not, and what's trending. In our first article on what's trending, we'll have a look at the five most searched for items on www.AntiquesBoutique.com


    French Art Deco Sideboard

    1. Art deco

    Art Deco is number one in our trending searches for August. This beautiful French Art Deco Walnut Sideboard from The Furniture Rooms is just one of hundreds of beautiful art deco pieces available on Antiques Boutique.

    This serpentine fronted sideboard was produced in France in the 1940’s with two lockable doors and shelf behind, in excellent condition throughout the sideboard has been fully hand polished.

    In excellent condition, this beautiful sideboard can take pride of place in your home for £1850.

    For details, please click here.

    Large 19th Century Pine Coffee Table

    2. Coffee tables

    This Large 19th c pine Coffee Table - circa 1890 from Appley Hoare Antiques, now SOLD, is one of many beautiful coffee tables currently trending on www.AntiquesBoutique.com

    Appley Hoare Antiques, London deals in mainly French but also Swedish, Italian and Spanish plus related decorative items. If you're searching for the rare, the unusual and the authentic, you have every chance of finding it on Appley's page on Antiques Boutique, or on her website.

    Incidentally, Appley Hoare was one of the first clients of Antiques Web Design by ph9 (who run Antiques Boutique), back in around 2004 and Rob has many fond memories of sitting in the office of Appley's old shop on Pimlico Road discussing her website with her back in Rob's early days of building what is now Antiques Web Design and Antiques Boutique.

    George III Silver Cream Jug London

    3. Silver

    Number 3 in our trending searches for August 2020 is silver and silverware. There is a diverse range of silver and silverware available on Antiques Boutique from hundreds of dealers including silver jugs, antique silver kitchenware, silver tankards and antique silver wine accessories.

    The George III silver cream jug, London 1795 featured above is from dealer Highland Antiques, who also have their website designed by us; www.highlandantiques.co.uk.

    Besides antique silverware, www.AntiquesBoutique.com showcases a range of antique & vintage metalware including antique brass, antique bronze, antique copperware, and antique pewter.

    Longines pocket watch

    4. Pocket watches

    Number 4 in our trending searches on Antiques Boutique for August 2020 is antique pocket watches. Not only pocket watches, but we've also seen quite a large amount of searches for pocket watch keys, antique pocket watch chains, and related accessories.

    Above is a Longines Pocket Watch from Great Grooms Antiques in Hungerford, Berkshire (UK).

    As well as generalised antiques dealers (dealers who don't specialise in one type of item), you'll also find specialised dealers on Antiques Boutique such as Atlam Watches who specialise in Antique Watches.

    Both Atlam Watches and Great Grooms have a website designed by us.

    19th century antique French Louis XV gilt mirror - bevelled glass

    5. French mirrors

    Mirrors will most likely always be trending items, as every room can use a mirror! Either decoratively, to create a feeling of space to a small room, or just for vanity!

    Last but not least, number 5 on our most popular searches this month on Antiques Boutique is antique french mirrors. Above is a 19th century antique French Louis XV gilt mirror with bevelled glass from French Antique Company.

    As well as the beautiful antique mirrors from dealers such as the French Antique Company, you'll also find specialised mirror dealers on Antiques Boutique such as On-Reflection Mirrors who are prominent antique mirror dealers and as well as selling online on Antiques Boutique and their own website (www.AntiqueMirrors.co.uk), they also exhibit at fairs such as the Battersea Decorative Fair.

    As well as helping make your home look beautiful, antique and vintage items can serve as a fantastic investment, especially if they are the kind of items which regularly trend.

    Follow our blog for regular updates on what antiques, art & vintage items are trending, what's popular, and what is selling.

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    By Rob
    Tuesday 1st September 2020 at 12:40

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