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    January online searches highlight diverse trends in interior

    January online searches highlight diverse trends in interior

    Monday 25th January 2021 at 11:53

    By Fay

    Using data gleaned from searches on our online antiques marketplace, we have found an interesting trend in the first month of 2021, with the top two searches on the site being equally popular, but dramatically different in style.

    Arts and Crafts furniture and Swedish furniture grapple for the most searched phrase on the site, with just a couple of searches difference between them. The level-pegging of these styles in the popularity stakes is testament to the diverse world of antiques and its ability to cater for every aesthetic and taste.

    Swedish furniture is exemplified by its clean lines and functional, timeless style, while the Arts and Crafts movement favoured highly decorative items inspired by nature. What is it about these styles that’s making them so in vogue right now?

    The Swedish style

    Emerging in the 20th century, the Swedish, and Scandinavian aesthetic as a whole, is a minimalist’s dream, embracing the beauty of simplicity. Calming palettes of whites and greys combine with warm wood finishes such as blonde oak to create a look that is uncluttered without being stark, and comfortable whilst remaining airy and chic. The look is elegant and serene, with quality of design of the highest importance.

    The Scandinavian style is beloved worldwide, and never really falls from popularity, but it is not surprising that even more people are embracing it at the moment. In the past year, and especially over the course of the three lockdowns, people have been looking for a sense of calm and order in their lives, and the only place that could be found in many cases, was in the home. Creating a haven at home can help people remain positive, even in the midst of uncertain times. People have been removing clutter from their homes, (decluttering was one of the main activities of lockdown one) focusing on the items that bring them joy and make them feel safe and peaceful.

    The Arts and Crafts movement

    In comparison to the clean lines of Swedish furniture, the Arts and Crafts movement embraced floral motifs and decorative styles. Its current popularity is an echo of its beginnings in the late 19th-century. It was born from a reaction to the damaging effects of industrialisation and a response to the low importance placed on the decorative arts. With movements such as Extinction Rebellion highlighting the plight of the climate and an increasing awareness of the danger to society, the environment and people, of low cost, mass produced items, consumers are changing the way they shop.

    People are again seeing the importance of craftsmanship, with a return to nature, a focus on quality, and a need for ethically produced items. Just as the movement was a reaction to a growing understanding that society needed to readjust its priorities in relation to manufacturing and the arts, lockdown has too caused a shift in priorities, as people seek to support artists and craftsmen through a difficult time and look for ethical options.

    Get the authentic look for your own home


    This set of eight Swedish slat-back chairs is perfect for adding a laidback Scandi look to a dining room. The pop-out seats make it easy to change the covering if desired, but they are currently covered in a lovely, heavy natural linen. The chairs cost £3,600 for the set.

    This charming Arts and Craft, hand-hammered, copper mirror is the epitome of the style and quality of the movement. The naturalist decoration features two birds with trailing fruit and foliage and would make a beautiful addition to a dressing table. It would be a fabulous way to kick off an Arts and Crafts collection. The mirror is £575.

    The world of antiques is vast and varied, and beauty of it is that styles will flux and flow, and can often be seen as a reflection of the events and collective mood at a particular time. What styles will re-emerge as we come out of lockdown..?

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    By Fay
    Monday 25th January 2021 at 11:53

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