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    How does your API work? Where can I get documentation?

    How it works

    Our API is a RESTful API. It is very easy to use, standards compliant, and comes with easy to understand documentation. It is unrestricted in the number of API calls you can make.

    What can I do with the API?

    You can use the API to:-

    Where can I get my API key and technical documentation?

    If you have a website with Antiques Web Design by ph9, then you do not need access to our API as you will have this functionality built into your website manager.

    If you have a website with another website provider (eg not ph9 / Antiques Web Design) and would like to integrate with our API, then please contact us and we will authorise your account for use with the API. You'll then be able to get your API key and technical documentation by logging into the dealer area and going to the API section.