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    Hungerford Antiques & Collectors’ Fairs

    Hungerford Town Hall, 22 High Street, Hungerford, Berkshire, RG17 0NF

    25plus dealers offering Antiques and collectibles : china, glass, jewellery, objects d’arts, pictures and paintings, rugs,sculpture, silver, toys , watches and more.

    Apply for stalls to:

    Gerry 07747106539

    Tara Adamson 07880311731

    Latest items

    Upcoming Fair Dates

    Sun 10th Mar 2024

    Sun 21st Apr 2024

    Sun 12th May 2024

    Sun 9th Jun 2024

    Sun 14th Jul 2024

    Sun 11th Aug 2024

    Sun 8th Sep 2024

    Sun 13th Oct 2024

    Sun 17th Nov 2024

    Sun 8th Dec 2024

    Opening Times

    9a.m -3.30pm Sellers from 6,30 Trade 8am

    (Entry times & fees subject to change)