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    I need to add pictures smaller than 2,000 pixels


    You've tried to upload pictures to the website which are smaller than 2,000 pixels wide or high.

    Why we have a minimum image standard

    We passionately believe image quality is key when it comes to attracting visitors to buy items from dealers, and tend to find the better quality the image the better a “feel” someone can get for an item and the more likely they are to buy it. Hence why we’ve enforced a minimum image size.

    Various stats and research performed over the past few years do tend to verify this trend with image quality VS sales made online.

    Image quality is especially important with the widespread roll out of “retina” screens over the past few years. A typical Apple iMac for example has a resolution of 5,120px wide. The MacBook laptop I’m using to write this on has a resolution of 3,072px wide, and an iPhone has a resolution 1,792px wide. Even lower budget android mobile phones typically have a resolution of at least 2,000 pixels wide.

    So the point being that images of anything less than 2,000 pixels will typically look blurry and/or pixellated for the majority of users, which is something we want to avoid as we’ve deliberately built the site to take advantage of better image quality and to show your items off so that you get as many enquiries and sales as possible.


    1) We'd recommend checking with your photographer or whoever produced your photos for you to see if they have a higher resolution copy. Images of less than 2,000px are quite small and I don’t know of any camera produced in the last 10 years that would take pictures at such a small resolution. So chances are that if you have images of less than 2,000 pixels you have a resized versions of the originals; so hopefully the original (unresized) versions still exist somewhere. If so, see if you can get a copy of these higher resolution originals

    2) If the above isn't possible, then if you go to the "Settings" area in the dealer login area there is an option so you can enable lower resolution images (albeit we'd still recommend against it). This will downgrade the 2,000px requirement to a 1,200px requirement. We do however have to insist on 1,200px as an absolute minimum.