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    Exceptional Ottoman Silver-Mounted Flintlock Pistol w/Folding Bayon

    Exceptional Ottoman Silver-Mounted Flintlock Pistol w/Folding Bayon

    $5,100 (approx conversion from £3695)

    Item details

    Featuring octagonal 8" barrel of approximately .65 caliber, with the upper three planes
    engraved and decorated with silver damascening in foliate pattern; maker’s mark in silver
    on the tang.  Spring-mounted folding bayonet with sliding catch and push button release
    decorated ensuite. Lock with roller and gold-lined flash pan, finely engraved with foliate
    decor.  Figured hardwood full stock profusely inlaid with silver wire in foliate pattern (minor
    silver loss).  Steel trigger guard and twin side plates, each engraved with foliage and
    checkering ensuite.  Cast and chased silver buttcap, wrist escutcheon, and barrel tang
    surround.  Exceptional workmanship with nearly every surface decorated in fine detail.
    Mechanically fine with very strong mainspring.  Overall length 14" with bayonet folded, 17
    3/4" with bayonet extended.

    19th Century


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