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    Late Medieval Knightly Broadsword, 2nd Half 15th C

    Late Medieval Knightly Broadsword, 2nd Half 15th C

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    Fine example of a medieval knightly broadsword from the period of the English Wars of the
    Roses.  Featuring broad 30" double-edged blade with wide 10" central fuller, stamped on
    both sides with a maker’s mark; 1 7/8" wide where it meets the cross guard.  Blade shows
    lamination and signs of repeated sharpening, still retaining a fairly sharp edge; tip slightly
    rounded.  Hilt featuring bow tie shaped cross guard (Oakeshott Syle 5) with simple
    geometric chiseling at the center.  Pommel a fancier version of the Oakeshott Type V1, but
    instead of the edges becoming thinner the pommel is flat with a chiseled cross on the front
    face, a tapering central groove on the rear face, and the rounded top and sides featuring a
    raised spiral reed flanked by double line borders; integral pyramid-shaped button.  Wood
    grip which appears to have its original leather wrap (worn with some losses); the sword
    never having been apart.  With the exception of some slight play in the cross guard, the
    sword is still tight.  Metal with patches of scattered pitting; having been cleaned at some
    point but retaining a nice gunmetal patina.  Very well balanced sword which undoubtedly
    was much prized and saw lots of action.  Overall length 36 1/2".

    Pre 1600, Middle Age


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