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    Luigi CORBELLINI (1901-1968)

    Luigi CORBELLINI (1901-1968)

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    Luigi CORBELLINI (1901-1968)

    An opulent portrait of a young woman, signed high left and presented in a magnificent gilt frame.  The use of vibrant colour and spirited brushwork which is a characteristic of Corbellini’s  work is evident. He was influenced by Matisse and the Fauvist Movement in particular. The model could be Kiki, the most famous Montparnasse model of the era.

    Luigi Corbellini was born in Piacenza Italy in 1901. After training at the art academies of Milan and Turin he journeyed to France where his career flourished under the backing of Robert de Rothschild.   He was able to maintain a spacious studio in Paris, and exhibited regularly in the Salons de la Nationale, d'Automne, des Tuileries and des Independents.


    In good clean original condition.  There are some slight horizontal creases in the canvas.



    54cm x 45cm (73cm x 64cm framed)

    21 x 18 inches (29 x 26 inches framed)

    W: 45cm  (17.7")H: 54cm  (21.3")
    Early 20th Century


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