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    Old Master 18th Century Oil Painting Figures Musical Satyrs Recital

    Old Master 18th Century Oil Painting Figures Musical Satyrs Recital

    $16,900 (approx conversion from £12500)

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    1 Fine Large Old Master Genre Art Italian School 18th Century Oil Painting "Classical Figures Musical Harp Recital With Satyrs".

    Oil on canvas.

    Subject genre scene of ancient classical figures musical playing harp recital with satyrs.

    Set in a magnificant gilt frame.

    Italian old master artist unsigned.

    This is such a tremendously executed painting.

    So intriguing  detailed work of art which captures the muscial mood of the scene.

    Circa early 18th century.

    Unwrapped weight just under 9kg.

    The satyr play is a form of Attic theatre performance related to both comedy and tragedy. It preserves theatrical elements of dialogue, actors speaking verse, a chorus that dances and sings, masks and costumes.

    Its relationship to tragedy is strong; satyr plays were written by tragedians, and satyr plays were performed in the Dionysian festival following the performance of a group of three tragedies.

    The origins of performance culture and the emergence of the satyr play can be traced to ancient rural celebrations in honour of the god Dionysus. Rush Rehm argues that these inaugurated the "agricultural cycle of planting and harvesting" closely associated with Dionysus, who represented the embodiment of "a fundamental paradox inherent to the world, life-giving but potentially destructive.

    The mythological origins of the satyrs are closely linked to the advent of Dionysus into Hellenic culture. The satyrs and their female counterpart, the maenads, were followers of Dionysus, a “late-comer to Olympus and probably of Asiatic origin”. According to Roger Lancelyn Green, the satyrs probably began as minor nature deities, while their designated leader Silenus originated as a water spirit, a maker of springs and fountains.

    Silenus was already an attendant to Dionysus when the satyrs joined the god’s following, and was subsequently proclaimed their father.

    The satyrs characterised themselves by amorality, excessive drinking and the breaking down of traditional values and barriers. Eric Csapo and Margaret C. Miller further argue that satyrs have a strong connection with music and dance and consider them to be “archetypal musicians and dancers”, thus linking them to Dionysiac processions and the origins of performance culture.

    Provenance bought from a fine art auction sale label verso.

    Highly sought after by CEO's, interior designers, museums, art gallerys, antique dealers, famous & private collectors, film tv studio prop shops.

    Ready for immediate home wall display with hanging thread verso.

    Incredible conversation piece for your guests. 

    We only select & sell paintings based upon quality & significance. 

    We understand your purchase is for your home or as an investment. 

    We provide our clients with friendly professional expert customer service. 

    Condition report.

    Offered in fine old used condition.The front painting surface has various paint loss in areas, paint touch ups in places, with noticeable craquelure as expected with extreme old age, with obvious foxing to the back and with old age. Tears to the canvas surface and old repairs in places. The frame having some chips & cracking in places, repairs, scuffs, scratches commensurate with usage.

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    Dimensions in inches & centimetres of the frame approximate

    High 28.34" (72cm)
    Wide 38.38" (97.5cm)
    Depth 1.77" (4.5cm)

    W: 97.5cm  (38.4")H: 72cm  (28.3")D: 4.5cm  (1.8")
    18th Century

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