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    Our Mission

    To make the sustainable world of antiques mainstream

    We call it...

    Ethical consumerism

    Whether you’re an eco-sceptic, or an eco-warrior, it’s becoming more accepted by the mainstream that global warming is a reality and as a society we all need to work together to combat it.

    We believe that the antiques & vintage industry is an industry that is growing to be part of the solution. People who would have never thought to buy an antique or vintage item in the past are now turning to the world of antiques to furnish their home. We intend to be part of the solution and be a link between buyers and dealers.


    • Reusing, repurposing, reselling and upcycling antique and vintage items is far better for the environment than buying brand new items
    • Items which are well made, and built from quality materials last much longer than items cheaply made in mass quantities, reducing the environmental cost of throwing cheaply or poorly made items away

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    Accessible to the mainstream

    We want to make antiques & vintage accessible to the mainstream. We do this by connecting buyers to hundreds of antiques dealers & vintage dealers worldwide, so they can easily showcase the beautiful antiques they have to offer.

    Through our blog, we aim to create a comprehensive resource where our experienced dealers can help contribute to great content explaining what to look for when buying antiques, what makes certain items unique, and sharing some knowledge in their specialities.


    A fundamental belief of Antiques Web Design by ph9, established 2004 is that the web should be easy. How many times have you shouted and swore at your computer or phone because it wasn’t doing what you wanted it to do? Through everything we do we want to make sure that buying antiques & vintage items online is as easy as possible for both buyer and seller.

    So what are you waiting for?

    If you’re looking for beautiful antiques, art or vintage items, browse our site today.

    If you’re a dealer and not yet selling on Antiques Boutique, please click here to apply to become a dealer

    Our mission image 2 showing antique vintage items