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Fruit Vase by Carl Thieme

$2,700 (approx conversion from €2736)

Code: AB-108915

Dimensions:W: 13.8cm  (5.4")H: 20.5cm  (8.1")D: 13.8cm  (5.4")


Large porcelain fruit vase, with a gallant scene at the base of the leg. On a rocaille basis, like under the shade of trees, two lovers. Their dance of lively gesticulation converges with the toes of their shoes, meaning reciprocity and a kind of predestination. The flowers that the young man offers, in a cloak of the color of passion, are the love temptations that she accepts. Open arms and a wide neckline, with an almost open chest - this is a pledge. The golden cage behind her is a symbol of lost freedom and obedience. However, the continuing intrigue of the conquest is emphasized by differences: he has yellow bows of a suit and shoes, she has a blue scarf and shoes. He has a black ribbon in his hair - hers is orange. The symbolic result of the garden of love is a bowl, a place where sweet fruits are stored, giving rise to a new adventure. Sign manufacturer: Blue Letter "T" and "X" (cross) corresponding to the subject Carl (Carl Thieme) - Potschappel, Germany. less

Origin : Germany
Materials : Porcelain
Condition : Unknown, Some Imperfections