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Conrad Portalis, Knight on Horseback, Bronze

$3,700 (approx conversion from €3684)

Code: AB-108927

Dimensions:W: 18.9cm  (7.4")H: 34.7cm  (13.6")D: 18.9cm  (7.4")


Conrad Portalis (French, 1890-1969), large bronze sculpture on an oval marble plinth. "En nom de Dieu en avant" (Forward in the name of God). Heroic bronze, depicting a rider on a rearing horse, with a raised Christian banner. The collective image of the army of Christ (St. George, Jeanne D-Arc, etc.), defenders and servants of the faith. In a more general sense, it is an image of goodness with fists. Patinated bronze. Signature on the pedestal, approximate dimensions without base H - 80 cm, 45 x 25 cm. less

Origin : France
Materials : Bronze
Condition : Unknown, Some Imperfections