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19th Century Icon of the Lord of Hosts

£1,000 (approx conversion from €1171.20)

Code: AB-108975

Dimensions:W: 15cm  (5.9")H: 17.7cm  (7")D: 15cm  (5.9")


Icon of the Lord of hosts. (God the Father.) It is a half-length figure of the Creator with a scepter, orb and a dove, a symbol of the holy spirit. According to the Orthodox tradition, the name of the Lord of hosts is translated as "Lord of armies." Therefore, unlike other names of the Most High, which are found in the Bible, the word "Hosts" emphasizes his strength and power. Wood, gesso, tempera. End of the 19th Century. 45X38 cm. less

Origin : Russia
Materials : Gesso
Condition : Unknown, Some Imperfections