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19th Century Fireplace Set, Set of 3

£8,700 (approx conversion from €9985.60)

Code: AB-109075

Dimensions:W: 19.7cm  (7.8")H: 33.5cm  (13.2")D: 19.7cm  (7.8")


An impressive bronze mantelpiece clock with candelabra made by Moreau, on marble pedestals. It is a kind of altar of emancipation from the time of Napoleon III. The graceful, charming goddess huntress descends from the pedestal, taking a step into the world of mortals and time. She, beckoning and armed and the goddess of bloom, sprouting. nature. Its plasticity and silhouette are coordinated with the unrestrained splash of "sprouting bronze in six-arm candelabra. Monumental-Renaissance work on marble and an abundant arsenal of bronze decor with torches - raising the ensemble to the altar of the Goddess, are the common style denominator. Manufacturer : Signature on the figure - Moreau , mechanism Emile via and Cie. Paris Clock height 80 cm, width 50 cm, depth 27 cm, candlestick height 85.5 cm. less

Origin : France
Materials : Bronze
Condition : Unknown, Some Imperfections