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Faberge Style Stone-Cut Miniature Behemoth

$2,800 (approx conversion from €2636.80)

Code: AB-109088

Dimensions:W: 3.2cm  (1.2")H: 1.2cm  (0.5")D: 3.2cm  (1.2")


Jade stone-cut miniature "Behemoth". The finely executed figurine depicts a standing hippopotamus with an open mouth. The characteristic obesity and sluggishness is set off by the details of the ridge ears and the tucked-back tail. Precisely selected stone successfully repeats the texture of the animal's skin. The fangs in the mouth are made of mammoth ivory. Together with the dark base of the paws, they create a complete illusion of believability. Jade: about 128 gr. Author′s signature on the paw. less

Origin : Russia
Condition : Good Condition, Unknown, Some Imperfections