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Cold Painted Miniature Bronze Russian Borzoi

$860 (approx conversion from £700)

Code: CIL#470

Dimensions:W: 14cm  (5.5")H: 8cm  (3.1")D: 2.5cm  (1")


A beautiful Austrian/Vienna bronze cold painted Art Deco sculpture of an iconic Russian Borzoi Sighthound. This bronze sculpture is lifelike, with lots of carefully modelled and sculpted detail to the proportions; musculature, coat, fur and with very tasteful paint application, red in the eyes and dark pattern marks. This bronze sculpture is a very solid piece and although it has no obvious makers mark, from the quality, it is likely to be from prominent Austrian/Viennese bronze sculpture producers of the inter-war years e.g. Bergman.
Borzoi are the archetypal Art Deco statuesque canine, languid and evocative of the period, style, fashion and elegance of the late 1920s and 1930s as shown in the images. They were popular with the wealthy and elite from the 1920s and during Tsarist Russia for hunting.
The sculpture has some wear to the paint across the bronze surface in keeping with its age, this does not detract but adds to the authenticity of the great character and attractive nature of this evocative Art Deco sculpture.