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    Payment schedule / how & when payments are taken

    When payment is taken

    Payment for membership is taken on a monthly basis.

    We use GoCardless to take payments securely. 

    Monthly payment is taken on or around the day you signed up for payment GoCardless.

    eg... if you signed up on the 10th, then your payment will come out on or around the 10th.

    It can take a few working days to clear.

    Payment dates can vary based on weekends and bank holidays.

    When will I receive an invoice / receipt?

    We send you a VAT invoice the day after payment is requested from your bank by GoCardless. So if your payment date is usually the 10th, you should receive an invoice by email on the 11th.

    How payment is taken

    All monthly membership fee payments are collected by GoCardless.

    For dealers in the UK, the monthly membership fee payment is taken by direct debit and backed by the direct debit guarantee.

    For dealers outside the UK payment is collected using the following methods...

    Payment is completely secure.