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    Photography requirements and advice

    It is VERY important that sellers upload good quality photos of their items

    Poor quality photos mean buyers are much less likely to buy your item, and make the website look bad.

    We reserve the right to remove items with poor quality photos.

    Photography requirements

    Low quality photography

    Photos which will be removed from the site (or dealers who will have their applications refused due to low quality photography)

    In order to maintain high standards, we reserve the right to remove items with pictures that fall into the following. Likewise if you have applied as a dealer and had your application rejected, then it may be because your photography doesn't meet these standards.

    Pictures less than 2,000 pixels wide

    For information on why we enforce this standard, and a work-around if your images are of a lower quality please click here.

    Number of photos

    You can upload up to 20 pictures per item. Whilst you don't have to upload 20, we generally recommend making sure you upload at least 3 or 4 pictures of an item to give the buyer the best possible feel for the item and to increase your chances of selling it. The better a buyer can see the item online, the better the chances are they'll fall in love with it and want to buy it.

    Watermarks or text on photos

    We do not allow watermarks, graphics or text on photos. This includes copyright text, any grpahics, embedding dimensions on photos, your logo, or any kind of watermarks.

    File types

    We allow JPG/JPEG and PNG images.

    We do not allow GIF images as they are of a poorer quality and typically only allow 256 colours which means they're usually no good for photographs.

    How many megapixels do I need?

    Most cameras quote the quality in "megapixels". Please find below a handy chart which explains the resolution (width x height) versus megapixels so you can see what megapixel camera you need (or what setting to set your camera on).
    Megapixels Resolution Quality
    2 megapixels 1600 x 1200 Poor
    3 megapixels 2048 x 1536 Poor
    4 megapixels 2240 x 1680 Poor
    5 megapixels 2560 x 1920 Below average for modern day
    6 megapixels 3032 x 2008 Below average for modern day
    7 megapixels 3072 x 2304 Below average for modern day
    8 megapixels 3264 x 2448 Below average for modern day
    10 megapixels 3872 x 2592 OK
    12 megapixels 4290 x 2800 OK
    14 megapixels 4288 x 3216 Good
    16 megapixels 4920 x 3264 Good
    18 megapixels 5184 x 3456 Great!
    20 megapixels 5456 x 3632 Great!
    24 megapixels 6000 x 4000 Great!
    28 megapixels 6480 x 4320 Great!
    36 megapixels 7360 x 4912 Amazing!
    42 megapixels 7952 x 5300 Amazing!


    Tips on taking good photos


    Our parent company, Antiques Web Design by ph9, have written a few blog articles on product photography with some tips. Please find links to these below to help guide you