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    Ancient Roman AE Sestertius of Emperor Vespasian / Roma

    Ancient Roman AE Sestertius of Emperor Vespasian / Roma

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    This is an ancient Roman AE Sestertius, of emperor Vespasian, minted at Rome in 71 AD 

    Obverse:  IMP CAES VESPASIAN AVG P M TR P P P COS III, "Supreme commander (Imperator) Caesar Vespasian, emperor (Augustus), high priest, holder of tribunician power, father of the nation, consul for the third time." laureate head right.

    Reverse: ROMA / S C, "Rome. Decree of the senate." Roma, helmeted, in military dress, standing right, holding Victory on extended right hand and vertical spear in left.


    DENOMINATION: Sestertius (1/4 of a denarius)

    MATERIAL: AE (Orichalcum)

    DATE: 69 - 79 AD (This coin was minted at Rome in 71 AD)

    SIZE: 32mm diameter

    WEIGHT: 23.74 grams

    ATTRIBUTION: RIC II.1# 190, OCRE# ric.2_1(2).ves.190

    PROVENANCE: Private collection. Cologne, Germany.

    Pre 1600, Ancient, Roman


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