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    Ancient Roman Silver Denarius of Emperor Antoninus Pius /

    Ancient Roman Silver Denarius of Emperor Antoninus Pius /

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    This is an ancient Roman Silver Denarius, of Emperor Antoninus Pius, minted at Rome between 158 - 159 AD 

    Obverse:  ANTONINVS AVG PIVS PP TRP XXII, "Antoninus, emperor (Augustus), Pius, father of the nation. High priest, holder of tribunician power for the twenty-second time" laureate head right

    Reverse: VOTA SVSCEPTA DEC III / COS IIII, "Vows (prayers and sacrifices) undertaken for the third decade of rule. Consul for the fourth time." Antoninus Pius, veiled, standing left, sacrificing with patera over lighted tripod-altar to left.


    DENOMINATION: Denarius

    MATERIAL: Silver

    DATE: 138 - 161 AD (this coin minted at Rome between 158 - 159 AD)

    SIZE: 18mm diameter

    WEIGHT:  3.28  grams

    ATTRIBUTION:   RIC III 294d; RSC 1126a.

    PROVENANCE: Formerly in a private collection. London.

    Pre 1600, Ancient, Roman


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