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    Wedgwood teapot made for Capperns

    Wedgwood teapot made for Capperns

    $270 (approx conversion from £195)

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    A dark blue, jasper dip teapot and cover decorated with pigeons. This piece is marked 'WEDGWOOD MADE IN ENGLAND' and it dates from c.1930. It is also impressed with a number '12' and a letter 'B'. Wedgwood designed a series of items for a bird seed manufacturers in Bristol called Capperns. Often the items are marked with the name of this company. This is one of the designs which was introduced for the company although it does not bear their mark. All of the reliefs are very good quality and the jasper dip is a lovely, rich shade of blue. Both the teapot and cover are in excellent condition.
    Price includes postage within the U.K. Shipping to the U.S.A. add £20  Western Europe add £10

    H: 16cm  (6.3")L: 23cm  (9.1")Di: 18.5cm  (7.3")


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