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    What items can I not put on the website?

    Replica items and fakes

    We do not allow newreplica items or fakes on Antiques Boutique.

    Dealers not sure if an item is a replica or fake or not should err on the side of caution and not list it on Antiques Boutique.

    Dealers are welcome to list replica or fake items on their own websites hosted with ph9, as long as they make it clear what they are.

    Not declaring replica or fake items just harms the credibility of the industry for everyone.

    Dealers caught selling replica or fake items on Antiques Boutique will be banned.

    Prohibited items

    The following items are strictly prohibited

    Items deemed as "racist" or offensive

    We fully appreciate that some items were normalised at the time, and in days gone by some pieces may not have been considered to be racist. Whilst the opinion of whether an item is racist can be subjective or down to a matter of opinion, we prefer to err on the side of caution.

    As such, we do not allow the following items on the site:-