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    What period of items / age of items can I add?

    There's a clue in the name; Antiques Boutique is for antique and vintage items.

    That means:-

    Please consult our period guide below.


    100 years or older.

    Please ensure anything you describe as "antique" is 100 years or older, as that is generally considered the cut off period for "antique". If it is newer, then use vintage (see below).


    40 years or older.

    Anything described as "vintage" must be 40 years or older.

    Retro (allowed only under particular circumstances)

    20 years or older.

    The site isn't really targetted towards retro items there are exceptions as long as it is in keeping with the rest of the site.

    This can include items such as:-

    NOTE - We reserve the right to remove items that are not in keeping with the site.

    New or reproduction

    New, copied or reproduction items are strictly not allowed on the site. We operate a one strike rule on dealers adding new or reproduction items and dealers will be removed from the site with no refunds.