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    Why does my item not appear on the latest items page?

    Have you only just added it?

    The latest items page is updated approx every 20 minutes, so please allow up to an hour for it to appear on the latest items page.

    Have you added more than 10 items today?

    So that the latest items page isn't full of items from just one dealer, if you've added more than 10 items in a 24 hour period then your items are automatically staggered and spread across the latest items page.

    Is the item marked as sold or reserved?

    Sold and reserved items may be hidden from the latest items page.

    Does it display the items chronologically?

    (eg in the order the items were added)

    For the most part it does, unless one particular has added more than 10 items in a 24 hour period in which case any items over 10 will be stagged over a 24 hour period. Originally the latest items page was completely chronological (eg it displayed the items in the order in which they were added) however we kept having issues where by if a dealer had added 20 or 30 items in one go then the latest items page would be flooded with items from just one dealer which meant other dealers items were not seen.

    To make things fair to all dealers we:-

    a) Show all items in chronological order where possible

    b) If a dealer adds more than 10 items in a 24 hour period, stagger their items

    c) Make sure every item from every dealer will be shown on the first page of the latest items page, (even if it is a day or two after they added them if they've added lots in one go)